Where are you Mr Wifi & Ms Broadband?

Where are you Mr Wifi & Ms Broadband?

Finally you have decided to stay overnight in Kiulu, probably in one of the lodges or you just want to setup a tent by the river at any of the camping sites. Well, that would be a wonderful choice.

Campfire by the river. Pic courtesy of Monggoluton River View & picnic Centre

However if you are an online gamer or a dedicated social media user or a google loyal customer, be prepared to be parted with your beloved gadget, virtual friends and fans for a day.

Although Kiulu is very close to Kota Kinabalu, about 90 minutes drive, this small town seems to be very distant from some basic infrastructure such as the internet coverage. Either, there is no reception signal at all or the reception is very poor.

Kiulu river. Pic courtesy of Monggoluton River View

So before coming to Kiulu, you are strongly recommended to:
1. Print or download or screen shot what ever online information that you might need for your references while in Kiulu.
2. Inform your friends and immediate family of your plans and the possibility of your non-availability or online absence for the next 24 hours.
3. Inform your friends or next of kin that though you are uncontactable through whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Insta or Facebook, you are still contactable via the outdated messaging system SMS.
4. Learn to use a real navigation method which is to ask from real people for directions. In some part of Kiulu, Google and Waze may not be able to rescue you. In the absence of men, the next best reliable tool would be the GPS gadget.

Connect with nature. Pic courtesy of Monggoluton River View

However, with the absence of Mr Wifi and Ms Broadband from your sight, you would truly have an amazingly tranquil and peaceful life for the next 24 hours. So sit back, enjoy the greenery, listen to the river flow while breathing the fresh air in Kiulu. You wont regret spending an overnight in Kiulu!

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Camping at Monggoluton River View.

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